Georgian wines have a long, varied history dating back thousands of years. Some of the earliest recorded vintages were made in the 8th century BC and early Georgian wine production techniques have been passed down through generations ever since.

Today, Georgia is still known for its exquisite winemaking traditions; producing some of the world’s most unique and flavorful wines. The country is home to over 500 native grape varietals, with some of the most popular being Saperavi for reds, Rkatsiteli for whites and Kisi for sparkling wines. Notable blends include Kindzmarauli which is a mix of Saperavi and Alexandrouli grapes; giving it a juicy raspberry flavor that is balanced by dry tannins.

Georgian winemaking has an extensive history of adapting to changing cultural influences over time – from the Persian Empire to Russia – while still keeping true to its own unique traditions and styles. With such a wide variety of production styles available – there truly is something here in Georgia for every wine enthusiast!