Pensacola Wine

Pensacola is blessed with numerous great shops to buy wine at, and not all shops have the same wines as the others, so shop around! Here is a list of shops that we personally shop for wines at. I left out a few stores such as Publix, and local liqour stores, while they do have a large selection of United States wines, they just are not a good source for international varieties.

Aragon Wine Market

Conveniently located downtown on 9th Ave.–features fabulous wines from all over the world….specializing in small, exclusive boutique wineries. Expect informative, fun wine classes and wine tastings every Thursday with world-class winemakers, distributors, and others in the wine trade. Enjoy yourself, taste great wine, and learn! Aragon Wine Market’s overall reason for being is to provide the community with a place where they can find unique, yet affordable wine in a neighborhood setting with a focus on personal service and education.

Randy’s Take “Aragon has a decent size selection that is well thought over and is hand-picked by people who know wine. This shop is more about customer service and quality over quantity. They have a nice selection of imported wines from the major wine regions. You can also purchase select wines by the glass for $5, so you can shop and sip, or sit out back in their courtyard to just relax.”

Address: 27 South Ninth Avenue, Pensacola

Beyond the Grape

This shop offers a carefully selected range of artisan, small-production wines from around the world as well as Florida and Sweet Wines. From sweet to dry, exotic to classic, local to international, they have something for every wine lover.

Randy’s Take “The only drawback for me is that they are located inside the mall, fortunately they are just inside the door. This shop amazes me with its obscure wine inventory. They are my ‘go-to’ for wines from places like Cyprus, Israel, Greece and other hard-to-find regions. Be on the lookout for their wine-tasting events as they are a lot of fun and book up fast.”

Address: 5100 N 9th Ave, Ste E537, Cordova Mall

Bodacious Shops

Bodacious has a broad range of wines from around the world with a focus on authenticity. Go try their collection of traditional, small-production, family estate wines! Their wine list features producers that are committed to making wines that are exceptional examples of the traditional wines of their regions. They are constantly bringing in new wines and offer complimentary tastings every day.

Randy’s Take “Like many Pensacola small wine shops, Bodacious is about having a small but very select inventory of wines. They have more import wines than domestic, which I love. And bang for the buck, it is hard to beat their selection. The staff is super helpful. And when at the shop you have the great option to open your bottle and pair it with their impressive meats and cheeses selection, you can go out on the veranda to enjoy your vino and food while watching the world go by. “

Address: 407 S Palafox St


Locally owned and operated! Butcher shop, Fine Wine, Cheeses, and Deli Meats

Randy’s Take “The area where their wine is kept is not large, but it packs a big punch when it comes to quality and variety. I spoke with the owner; he knows his wine, and he says his wife knows even more. He loves to talk wine and is very knowledgeable. From what I gather, they are about getting higher quality wines into the hands of the general public for an affordable price. They work hard to find great deals and enjoy passing those deals to their customers. And it cannot go without saying, they have incredible deli meats and cheeses. An almost unrivaled selection for this area.”

Address: 8190 W Fairfield Dr

Four Winds International Market

Strolling the aisles of Four Winds, you will find over 5,000 different items, including 300 varieties of the best cheeses from around the world. Tired of drinking the same beer? Try tasting some of the over 750 different beers Four Winds carries. Looking for a better cup of coffee? Four Winds carries over 50 varieties of gourmet coffee beans, including their very-own 12 Bean Coffee.

Randy’s Take “The novelty of this place is that you can get some fantastic groceries or pre-made food to go with your wines, and the staff is super helpful with everything in the store. And if they dont have it, they strive to get it in for you. The selection is small, but very targeted towards a large array of international varieties. The dip and cheese options are mesmerizing.”

Address: 6895 North 9th Avenue, Pensacola

Merefa European Market

Products from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Greece, Finland, and many more!

Randy’s Take “Merefa has many imported wines that you cannot find anywhere else, especially when it comes to Eastern European regions. Just remember this is not a wine store so be ready to use Vivino as your wine guide.”

Address: 5007 N Davis Hwy Ste 15, Pensacola

Island Wine and Liquors

Randy’s Take “If you are out on the beach, this place has a fairly decent selection of wines, better than Publix. Dont expect much customer service, it is first and foremost a tourist liquor store.”

Address: 16 Via De Luna Dr A, Pensacola Beach

Seville Quarter Wine and Libations

They have the most unique Wine Shop in Pensacola with the best prices! Free Wine Tastings every Friday

Randy’s Take “I just love going into this little shop which has such an old European feel to it, like stepping into a different world. There is not much room in there, but it is FULL of wine, stacked and stored everywhere. I get such a kick out of searching through the bottles looking for something unique, which they almost always have. I also like how they label the bottles with information about the wines.”

Address: 130 E Government St, Pensacola

The Apple Market

Founded in 1996 when a career corporate grocery guy, David Apple bought Joseph’s IGA from its original owner. Serving our neighborhood and the larger community now for over 23 years with award-winning butcher shop, produce department, deli and catering operations. Their customers call them the “Biggest Little Store in Town”.

Randy’s Take “The wine selection is very nice, and the prices are very good. Add in the awesome groceries to pair with the wine and you have a perfect place to get your gourmet ingredients and wine in one place.”

Address: 1021 Scenic Hwy, Pensacola

The Bottle Shop

Stocking over 1,000 wines and 250 beers from around the world, The Bottle Shop has two locations, Downtown Pensacola and East Hill. Wine tastings include 10 bottles to try from for a nominal fee of $10, East Hill location is every Wednesday, and Downtown location every Friday.

Randy’s Take “Both locations have slightly different selections, and they are quite large and with many imports to choose from. The staff is very knowledgeable and love to talk about wine. The only drawback is that they lack a little in wine selection from the obscure wine regions I have to locate sometimes. But if you are searching for anything from France, Spain, Italy or other major wine producing countries, they most likely have it.”

Address: 118 S Baylen St., & 2704 N. 12th Ave.

The Nest General Store

Their wine program focuses solely on low-intervention, sustainable, and natural wines. Go and enjoy their selection of by-the-glass and by-the-bottle paired with their housemade and imported snacks. Peruse the retail shop for the full list of hand picked wines by their two in-house sommeliers.

Randy’s Take “The wine selection is minimal, but very intriguing. I find it fun to see the wines they have and grab something I’ve never seen anywhere before. The wine by the glass is equally as fun to sample! Unlike any of the other shops. It is a boutique style wine shop.”

Address: 11 Palafox Place Suite C, Pensacola

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is a national chain of neighborhood grocery stores, committed to providing customers outstanding value in the form of the best quality products at the best everyday prices. Through their rewarding products and knowledgeable, friendly Crew Members, they have been transforming grocery shopping into a welcoming journey full of discovery and fun since 1967.

Randy’s Take “Okay, I know what you are thinking, first, this is a national chain grocery store, second, there is no Trader Joe’s in Pensacola. True and true. However, this store is one of my favorite places to get wine as they have really nice wines at eye-popping low prices. I cannot help but grab several bottles when I visit one, with the closest store being in Tallahassee. I would love to do a wine-tasting adventure using nothing but Trader Joe’s wines, all under $10, and I just might if someone ever asks me to.”

Address: All over the place except Pensacola.

Total Wine

Total Wine & More is America‘s Wine Superstore® They welcome all wine, beer, spirits and cigar enthusiasts to join the conversation!

Randy’s Take “I dont like promoting the large chain wine stores, but this place has it all. Its selection and prices are unmatched. Not only with wine, but also beer and spirits. You will not get near the service and wine knowledge as you would get at the small wine shops, nor the intimate feel. This is my last resort to find a wine, but many times it is the only place I can get what I am looking for.”

Address: 1660 Airport Blvd, Unit 145, Pensacola