Tasting Adventures

Our goal is to make an unforgettable experience for the host and their group. With close collaboration between our Tasting Expert and the event host, each experience is custom-tailored to fit each unique event. Our wine-tasting fee is $150 for a two-hour wine adventure with our Certified Specialist of Wine, Randy Hamilton. Additionally, the wine budget needs to be agreed upon at a minimum of 72 hours before the event, and reimbursement for the wine is due before the event commences. Below you will find some possible wine experiences you can be inspired by, but feel free to work with us to create exactly what you want your experience to be. Also, you can explore a list of frequently asked questions, but please feel free to call or email us any further questions. due to the complexity of this experience, a phone call will be necessary to firm up details before we can schedule your in-home wine-tasting adventure.

Explore the Adventures

Here is a list of possible Wine Experiences we can create for you. Please note that our wine experiences can be customized to be more or less adventurous, red dominant vs white dominant, and even list the countries you want to sample from. Each experience (6 to 12 wines) typically begins with a sparkling, then the wines get progressively bolder, and we end with an after-dinner style.

New World (Former British Empire)

New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa


New World (The Americas)

United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru


Old World (Europe: Iberian Peninsula Area)

Spain, Portugal


Old World (Europe: France)


Old World (Europe: Germanic Region)

Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary 

Old World (Europe: Italy)


Old World (Europe: Balkan Region)

Greece, Ukraine, Serbia, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, North Macedonia, Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Old World (MENA: Middle East and North Africa)

Morocco, Algeria, Turkey, Israel, Cyprus, Lebanon, Georgia, Armenia, Tunisia


How many people can be involved in a wine-tasting adventure?

We do not have a minimum or maximum of guests, but please note that we are a one-man show so the more people the less attention to individual needs. Typically we recommend the number of guests stay below 12.


What is a typical wine budget?

While there is no typical budget, we tell our clients that $20 per bottle gives us plenty of freedom to get a wide range of wines from various countries and quality levels.


Who chooses what type of wine is to be served?

This is a collaboration between the event host and the wine guide. This way can we can accurately customize your wine-tasting experience to you and your guests’ needs.


What areas is Vinsavio currently serving?

We are based in Pensacola and currently serving Pensacola, Perdido Key, Pace, Milton, Gulf Breeze, Pensacola Beach, Navarre, Orange Beach, Fort Walton, and Destin. For areas outside of those mentioned please call.




Randy Hamilton

Owner & Certified Specialist of Wine

I’m a creative and passionate individual with a drive to learn new skills and explore the unknown. I strive to make a positive impact in both my personal and professional life. Having been exposed to many different cultures throughout my travels, I have developed an appreciation for diversity of cultures and the valuable perspectives it brings.

I was born in Loveland, Ohio and attended the Columbus College of Art and Design, where I developed a passion for graphic design and photography – which I’ve been working as a professional in the field for decades now.

I have traveled to many wine regions over the years but really fell in love with wine after touring France, Germany and Italy a few years back. Because of this experience I discovered a desire in him to learn about wines from around the globe.

I’m proud to have recently become a Certified Specialist of Wine and love sharing my passion for wine through Vinsavio, the in-home wine-tasting business that I recently started in Pensacola. The name was inspired by combining the Italian word for wine, “vin”, and the Italian word for wise, “savio.” My goal is to facilitate an educational and entertaining wine-tasting adventure at clients’ homes.

Yet another passion of mine is writing. I have written many articles for magazines and blogs and I am currently authoring the wine specific column “Sommelier’s Notes” for Coastal Palate Magazine.

Family is most important to me; my wife and 13-year-old daughter are always there to support me along my journey. When not busy pursuing professional projects, you can find me with them, traveling to new places, exploring nature or learning about history. Whether working on one of my various business ventures or simply taking part in some leisurely activities, I embrace each day with enthusiasm – striving for excellence no matter what I may be doing!


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